A Letter to Say We’re Sorry

Dear Mother Nature,

I got your message the other day and I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you – I’ve been really busy at work.

Anyway, I know why you called and I know you’re disappointed.

I guess I’d be disappointed too if I were in your position. You asked us politely to stop what we were doing and we didn’t take any notice of your request.

In fact, I have to admit – we were just plain selfish.

We ignored your request and continued clearing your rain forests, chopping down your trees, mining your land, polluting your oceans, killing your wildlife and poisoning your atmosphere.

I know it seems lame, but we did this to you because we really did need to make a living and create jobs for people around the world. We also needed to make things so that we could sell it to people – even if we produced things people didn’t really need. We also needed to keep our economies going, although we know it isn’t sustainable. And I know it’s no excuse but you have so much, and we have so little, and we figured, it’s there to be taken and used – right?

Anyway, I can see why you got fed up and you needed to prove your point. I guess your actions seem justified, but I personally think it was a little over the top and a bit unfair.

I mean, did you have to kill people? You weren’t even satisfied with killing just one or two of us. You’ve killed hundreds of thousands of us.

And for what? To prove your point? Are you trying to wipe our species out?

Did you really need to call on the Rain Gods and make it flood? Did you really have to send Cyclone Yasi? What about the recent Japanese tsumani? Or the New Zealand earthquake? What do you have to say about the Boxing Day tsunami years back? Or Hurricane Katrina?

So I’ve been thinking. Firstly, I just want to say on behalf of mankind, that we’re sorry. Really and truly sorry.

Secondly, I think we should call a truce: we’ll try our best to protect and preserve our planet if you promise that you will try not to bring harm to our kind.

Anyway, sorry again for not acknowledging your wishes and taking your concerns seriously.

We promise to do better from now on.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Nini – Eco Warrior Princess

[Photo credit: Chris Breeze]

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